33rd Annual Group Processes Conference


August 6, 2021


Over Zoom


10:30 EDT (7:30 PDT) - 6:00 EDT (3:00 PDT)



Alicia Cast, UCSB, Jessica Collett, UCLA, Rengin Firat, UCR,

Amy Kroska, UCR, David Schaefer, UCI, and Jan Stets, UCR

UCR Graduate Students:

Phoenicia Fares, Benjamin Fields, Melanie Kushida, and Bryce Ritt


Group Processes Agenda

10:30-11:00 EDT (7:30-8:00 PDT): Pre-meeting chatting

Technical Person for the day: David Schaefer (

11:00-12:00 EDT (8:00-9:00 PDT): Session 1: Status Processes
Group Leader: Jan Stets

Status Deconstruction Theory

David Melamed, Ohio State University

            Oneya Okuwobi, Ohio State University

            Leanne Barry, Ohio State University


Egalitarian Attitudes as Mechanisms for Status Attainment:

Social and Symbolic Incentives for Men to Support Gender Equality

            Katharine Khanna, Columbia University


Status as a Cultural Schema for Cooperative Interdependence

            Cecilia Ridgeway, Stanford University


12:00-12:55 EDT (9:00-9:55 PDT): Session 2:

Cooperation, Prosocial Behavior, and Influence

Group Leader: Jessica Collett

Cooperation between Newcomers and Incumbents: The Role of

Normative Disagreements

            Kasper Otten, Utrecht University

            Vincent Buskens, Utrecht University

            Wojtek Przepiorka, Utrecht University

            Naomi Ellemers, Utrecht University


Present Social Exchange and Future Prosocial Behavior in Diverse

and Homogeneous Groups

            Ashley Harrell, Duke University

            Joseph Quinn, Duke University

Men Don't Know What They Don't Know: Political Knowledge, Gender,

and Perceptions of Influence in Political Conversation

            Aidan Combs, Duke University

12:55-1:00 EDT (9:55-10:00 PDT): Information on break-out rooms

Group Leaders: Amy Kroska and Alicia Cast

1:00-1:15 EDT (10:00-10:15 PDT): Break 1: breakout rooms for chatting

1:15-2:15 EDT (10:15-11:15 PDT): Session 3: Workplace Discrimination

Group Leader: Amy Kroska

Ideology Shapes How Workers Perceive

and React to Workplace Discrimination:

An Experimental Study on Parenthood Discrimination

            Nicholas Heiserman, University of South Carolina

            Brent Simpson, University of South Carolina

Analyzing the Relation between Perceptions of Actual CEO

Compensation and Assessments of Just CEO Compensation

            Guillermina Jasso, New York University

            Eva Meyersson Milgrom, Stanford University

Just a Race Hire: The Effects of Competency Microaggressions

on Workplace Behavior

            Malissa Alinor, University of Georgia

2:15-3:15 EDT (11:15-12:15 PDT): Session 4: Parallel Sessions

Room 1: Discrimination and Inequality

Group Leader: Rengin Firat

Gendered Attributions for Occupational Success

            Kristin Kelley, WZB Berlin Social Science Center

            Lena Hipp, WZB Berlin Social Science Center

            Paula Protsch, WZB Berlin Social Science Center

When Racism and Sexism Benefit Black and Female Politicians:

Politicians’ Ideology Moderates Prejudice’s Effect More

than Politicians’ Demographic Background

            (Max) Hui Bai, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Room 2: Methodological and Theoretical Developments

Group Leader: Alicia Cast

Expectation States Theory Methodology and Gender

            Bianca Manago, Vanderbit University

            Trenton Mize, Purdue University

            Long Doan, University of Maryland

Learning from Mistakes: How to Stage a Discussion Study

            Robert Shelly, Ohio University

            Ann Shelly, Ashland University


Categorizing the Downstream Effects of Structural Systems

that Promote Prosociality

            Jennifer McLeer, University of Hartford

Ashley Harrell, Duke University

Room 3: Social exchange, Networks, and Influence

Group Leader: Melanie Kushida

How Cognitive Reflection and Network Homogeneity

Influence Political Bias

            Matthew Facciani, Vanderbilt University

Cecile Steenbuch Traberg, Cambridge University

Social Influence in Relatively Anonymous Situations,

Even When the Goal is to Win

            Scott Feld, Purdue University

            Karl Vachushka, University of Wisconsin

Trust in Initial Social Exchange

            Patrick Franck, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Room 4: Status, Identity, and Roles

Group Leader: Bryce Ritt

No Praise for Punishers?: Sanctioning Behaviors

and “Role Model” Nominations

in Therapeutic Communities for Addiction Treatment

            Tom Wolff, Duke University


Macro, Meso, and Micro Factors in

Jewish Verification and Identification

            Benjamin Fields, University of California, Riverside

Emotion Contagion in Status Hierarchies

            Kayla Pierce, University of Notre Dame       

3:15-4:30 EDT (12:15-1:30 PDT): Session 5:

Theoretical and Methodological Developments

Group Leader: Ben Fields

You Said, They Said: A Framework on Informant Accuracy

with Application to Studying Self-Reports

and Peer-Reports of Adolescent Smoking

            Weihua An, Emory University

Situations and Dispositions in Mental State Mitigation:

Results from Federal Capital Jury Verdict Forms

            Mary R. Rose, University of Texas, Austin

            Meredith Martin Rountree, Northwestern University

A Simplest Mathematics of Turn Taking: On Integrating

Conversation Analysis and Expectation States

            Bryan C. Cannon, Franklin and Marshall College

            Dawn T. Robinson, University of Georgia


A Role-Taking Theory of Burnout

            Anne Groggel, North Central College

            Jenny L. Davis, Australian National University

            Tony P. Love, University of Kentucky


4:30-4:40 EDT (1:30-1:40 PDT): Break 2: breakout rooms for chatting

4:40-5:30 EDT (1:40-2:30 PDT): Session 6: Group Processes and Covid

Group Leader: Jan Stets

The Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19 on Ethnic

and Racial Minorities

            Rengin Firat, University of California, Riverside

            Bruce G. Link, University of California, Riverside


Intersecting Matters: A Study of #Covid-19 and #GeorgeFloyd on Twitter

            Jenny L. Davis, Australian National University

            Tony P. Love, University of Kentucky


Writing about Covid-19 for the Public

            Catherine J. Taylor, University of California, Santa Barbara

5:30-6:00 EDT (2:30-3:00 PDT):

Group Leader: Jessica Collett

Announcements and planning for next year